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Account Balance Ageing

In the account balance ageing, you can view, print and email all the information regarding the balance ageing of the desired account. You can also export the information to Excel, Word, and PDF Formats.


Viewing the Account Balance Ageing

To view the account balance ageing, go to Financial Accounting > Reports > Ledgers & Statements > Account Balance Ageing, the account balance ageing page is displayed.

Account Code: This field sets the desired account code.

Account Name: This field is auto-fetched by the system based on the account code.

As on Date: This field sets the date of the report. By default, it shows the current date.

Display codes on report: This checkbox when checked shows the codes of the accounts on the report.

Range-1 till Range-6: These fields can be set as per requirement

Note: The day/s out of the current fiscal period will not be considered for reporting.

Show: This button shows the report.

Export to Excel: This button shows the report in Excel format.

Export to Word: This button shows the report in Word format.

Export to PDF: This button shows the report in Excel format.

Click on the Show button.

Back: You can go back to the previous page.

Print: You can print the report.

Email: You can email the report.