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While dealing with restaurant management, you can add, update, or delete tables on a floor of a restaurant in the module of POS Management.


Addition of Tables on a Level

To add the tables go to POS Management > Benches > Tables, the tables page is displayed.

Click on the Update button.

Enter the Level Code where you want to set the tables.

Note: Tables are managed on each level.

Click on the House icon under the Warehouse in each row to add the warehouse. This is a mandatory field to add a warehouse.

Note: Every table has a code and capacity. If Is Active is checked table is available for the Dine In order. Warehouse” selection is mandatory against each table.

Deletion of Tables on a Level

Click on the X icon under Delete, to delete the table from a particular level, and click on “Save”.

This is how you can manage the tables on each floor and it helps you in detailed restaurant management.