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Device Dashboard

In the Device Dashboard, you can set device settings to users against your desired module and role for the Android and iOS devices. You can also provide full access or block it.   Setting Module Device Dashboard To set/update the module device dashboard against the Role and User, go to Configurations >…


In Users, you can add/update and delete a new user of SMACC. You can set a notification and the graph rights of the users. You can also update the role of the user, link/unlink salesman, activate/ deactivate login ID, name of the user, email address, and contact information. You can change…


In States/Provinces, you can set states or provinces against your desired country of the company.   Setting States/ Provinces To set the states or provinces, go to Configurations > General > States/Provinces, the States/Provinces page is displayed. Click on the Add New button. Please enter the State / Province Code…

Inventory Costing

Remove Batch & Serial

Remove data from the period